Hope Quilts

“Our lives are like quilts – bits and pieces, joy and sorrow, stitched with love.”
Author Unknown

Those of us who make quilts put our hearts and lives into them; they are made with love and at times of joy.  Quilts are also given as gifts of love to our friends and family; however they can be also given as gifts of hope for those in times of trouble.

Quilt making goes back to Egyptian times, in Europe quilting appears to have been introduced in the 12th century, in the United States quilt making was common in the late 18th century and early years of the 19th. In Canada it appears that quilts made an appearance in the 18th Century and designs come from both British and French Influences.

During World War 2 there were many quilts sent from Canada to Britain and Europe and in a six week period during the autumn of 1944, the country sent 25,000 quilts to Britain and Europe for the relief effort via the Red Cross.

Hope Quilts is a small group of people working on giving back especially gifts of love in the form of quilts of all shapes and sizes.

So what we need are sewers, blocks, completed quilts, quilt tops, people who quilt, use of long arm quilters, basically everything to make a finished quilt.

Quilts give people a sense of home – and so we think this is a great way to help and are  willing to come and talk to anyone anywhere about this.

We have also had fabric donated, which we are happy to bring it to you to make quilts.

Quilts can be any size, and  anything at all – Hope and Home are our themes; these mean something different to all of us – one thing is to get each  labeled so the people to whome they are donated to know a little about their history

Hope Quilts for Alberta

It is time for us to give back these amazing gifts – so Hope Quilts for Alberta was born after a single phone call, a simple Facebook page that has reached out to people all over the UK and Europe.  This group is working with Quilts For Fort McMurray and hopes to carry on this effort throughout the next year, as for some, it will be a long haul to regain their homes.  Let’s just give hope to the homeless and displaced in Alberta, many have no clothes, no bedding, they have lost precious memories; let us give them some hope and tell them that we are thinking of them

This was a message from someone who had lost nearly everything in these fires

“just wanted to say thank you for collecting quilts for Fort McMurray… to be given a homemade quilt, would provide a sense of home for many people that may not have a home to go back to. …”

Hope Quilts UK – The Future

There will always be a need for Hope across the world, a need to give gifts of love, a chance to give someone a Cwtch so by keeping this going we may in the future help even more people around the world.